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C0 Aero Coat 50ml

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  • Strong anti-adhesion properties
  • Hydrophobic function
  • Ideal for race and track cars

Why Use Gtechniq C0 Aero Coat?

C0 has been formulated to minimise adhesion of foreign objects on race cars. However, it can also be used on road cars with a lifespan of up to 2 years.

It offers great gloss, good hydrophobicity (110 degrees), some swirl resistance (6h) and can be applied to paint and gel coat.

Please note: compared to our other coatings it C0 Aero Coat is relatively hard to apply. The product is quite viscous and requires considerably more effort when removing residue – we recommend you will need at least 10 MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloths to carry out one application.

Simple Steps To Help You Get The Best Results

  • Shake well before use and apply out of direct sunlight
  • Wear gloves
  • Dab the product onto the AP2 Ultra Soft Foam Filled Microfibre Applicator Pad provided
  • Replace the lid on the bottle and set it aside- as holding it in your hand can promote premature curing
  • Apply product to a large size panel, or several smaller panels
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes and remove residue with an MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth, then conduct a second buff with an MF6 Haze Buster or another MF1
  • Make sure that all cloths used are rotated quickly so that the coating does not partially cure in the cloth
  • If you miss removing residue and it cures fully, it will need to be re-polished and the coating reapplied to the area
  • As soon as you finish put the microfibres in water, wash and dry them as soon as possible – if not the product will crystallise on the cloth
  • Allow the coating to cure for 12 hours, before exposing the car to the elements
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • If opened, use within 3 months, if unopened, use within 12 months
  • Can be used as a standalone or applied over C1, Crystal Serum Light or Crystal Serum Ultra
  • Safety sheet C0